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I’ve already gushed about Runewars a fair amount in the past, but you know what?  It deserves some more love.  It had been quite awhile since I last played; there have been lots of great new releases recently and it’s not always easy to find two or three other people who share my enthusiasm for the game that have a few hours to set aside and play.  Thankfully I was recently lucky enough to play two weekends in a row!

Those games once again reminded me why this likely stands as my number one game.  It has everything I want: lots of theme, awesome components, engaging gameplay with a good story arc and little downtime and fun from start to finish.  I was completely crushed the second game I played: I ended with zero dragon runes, a first for me.  Even with my sound thrashing I loved every minute of it.  I knew I was probably not going to be in the running to win but there was often a small hope that I could pull out a big turn.  Even when that hope faded near the end, I still had a fantastic moment where my undead hoard overran a neighboring human stronghold with sheer numbers.  It was a thing of beauty, even if the attack ultimately did nothing to improve my final standing.

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That is why I love Runewars so much.  Every time I play I find it interesting and different than the last.  Some may be turned off by the chrome, the sheer number of bits or the somewhat lengthy play time (3 to 5 hours depending on number of players and if teaching is involved). It fires on all cylinders for me, though, and I simply can’t get enough of it.

I’m also greatly looking forward to the upcoming Banners of War expansion.  While it isn’t adding any new factions, it looks to improve the game in pretty much every other way imaginable.  It may take my favorite game to an all-new level!

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