1000th play

It’s official: I’ve logged over 1000 plays over at BoardGameGeek. Now, this number is not entirely exact as I don’t log games I’ve played online, I consider multiple plays of the same game on one night as a single play, and I’ve probably forgotten to log several. Still, that’s a lot of games played! Now to bore you with some completely pointless stats that nobody really cares about:

* 1003 logged plays and counting
* 297 different games played
* 70 games with 5 or more plays
* 20 games with 10 or more plays
* Click here to see all my game plays over at BoardGameGeek

There is some really interesting diversity in my most played games; here are quick thoughts on some of them:

* Dominion (19 plays) and Pandemic (19 plays) – Pretty much what I expected. Both pack in a ton of gameplay for their short play time. If I played several rounds of Dominion on one game night I only log that as a single play, so I’ve really played these more than the count implies. Dominion is very much a “must have” in my mind, while Pandemic has been replaced by Defenders of the Realm unless I need the shorter play time.

* Descent: Journeys in the Dark (15 plays) – Wow, really? I had no idea I’ve managed this many plays of Descent. That is fantastic! It’s been a long time since this got tabled up, though. At this point I’m now holding out for the 2nd edition, coming next spring. If that turns out even remotely as good as I’m anticipating I expect it will log a lot of plays.

* Runewars (13 plays) – Yes, it’s quite likely my favorite board game of all time, but I still hadn’t realized I put in this many plays. Needless to say that makes me quite happy.

* Agricola (12 plays) – This has only seen so many plays due to popularity in my gaming groups. It’s fun enough with two or three, but any more and there are many more games I’d rather play. Probably my least favorite game in those with 10 or more plays.

* Britannia (7 plays) and Sid Meier’s Civilization (6 plays) – Both of these games need to be played way more often.

Given these numbers you can certainly tell I prefer playing a diversity of games over digging deep into a single game.  Not that I’m opposed to playing any given game a lot; we just tend to pick up all the latest and greatest and love seeing new designs as they come out.

Image by Surya

So what was my 1000th play, you ask? Belfort, by Tasty Minstrel Games. I received it just before Thanksgiving as part of the BoardGameGeek Secret Santa and have played a couple of times now. Expect more on this game later, but for now I’ll just say that I’ve really enjoyed it so far and look forward to tabling it up again.

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